Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hang squat clean WOD

Today's WOD was a killer, I felt like my heart rate was 190 bpm the entire time, on the surface it looked simple and it was simple but it was also a serious met con workout:
15 hang squat clean (55 lbs)
20 wall balls (14 lb ball)
5 rounds
Time: 17:35
I wish I could have done a heavier weight but I felt my back aching when I tried 63 lbs so I decided to play it safe and did 55 lbs which was still hard! By the third round I was doing the hang cleans in sets of five. Combine that with the wall balls to make me gasp for air! I was in an anaerobic zone for this WOD. Afterward I had another visit with the chiropractor and it looks like next week I'll go again twice to see him. Things are improving but I don't have full mobility yet.
Here is a video of the hang squat clean move, the second and third time I do it, I am much better about squatting but I could go deeper and the faster I get into the squat position, the easier it is to load heavier weights and improve:

Around 6 pm, I did a 4 mile run at a 10:35 pace, and everything felt sore! My hamstrings, quads, butt, shoulders, and chest are all sore! I think that is the effect of taking 1.5 weeks off from any lifting, getting back into it is a jolt to your muscles. Tomorrow will be a rest day in preparation for the mountain bike race on Saturday, hopefully my soreness will be gone by then.


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