Sunday, February 26, 2012

Company Mill Umstead Run

Since we are doing the Mountains to Sea Trail race in about a month, it was high time to go back and do some trail running.  We hit Umstead park at 9:30 am today and did the Company Mill loop (~5.8 miles) in about 67 minutes.  It was a pretty good run, I dressed too warm as usual and had to take off my jacket, hat and gloves after 2.5 miles.  Jim ended up running ahead of us (he is achieving his goal of beating me on a regular basis now!) and I ran with Lisa, Barbara and Elinor.  It was Elinor's first time out on Company Mill and she did great! Much better than I would have done considering she hadn't been doing any trail running for months.  I think the hills were tough for all of us but overall, it didn't feel too bad. It did remind me that I would have to do twice the length for the trail race and I needed to get out more often to practice.
Jim did well for the first 5 miles but then he stopped, waited for us to catch up, took pictures of us running past him and when he got going again, his foot hit a big root really hard and he ended up having to walk the last 0.8 miles out.  He can walk on it now but it's going to take a good 2 weeks at least to get back into running :(.  I told him he isn't getting out of the Mountains to Sea race though.  
I'm going to make a strong effort to get out of work on time and do Company Mill on the weekdays also to get used to trail running again.


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