Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Clean WOD

The theme for February is "go heavy", however, I didn't know that was the theme and was sore from yesterday's front squats so I couldn't go heavier (I'm not sure if I can anyway but I didn't try today):
8 Cleans (Rx for women was 105 lbs, I did 75 lbs)
15 pullups (band assisted)
400M row
3 rounds
I finished in 16:17
I did attempt to do a clean with 95 lbs but mentally and physically, I wasn't prepared for it and couldn't even do one.  I've said this before but I have a mental block with getting the weight up while simultaneously lowering myself into the squat position.  It's easy when it's 75 lbs or less, I can power clean the weight and barely squat at all but I really want to do full cleans so that I can eventually get over my fear of heavier weights in the cleans and be able to fully squat and get back up again with the weight.
My feet are a little sore from yesterday's barefoot running, I'm trying to massage them with a tennis ball now. 


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