Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Box jumps can hurt when you are tired

Today's WOD was okay, I am not a fan of walking kettlebell swings, I feel like I lost some of my momentum in the swing when I took a step forward with the weight above my head but anyway, here is what we did today:
Run 200M (sprint)
15 walking kettlebell swings (35 lb kettlebell)
20 box jumps (20" box)
Rest 90 seconds between rounds
5 rounds
Time: 20:35 total, actual work time: 16:05
The box jumps got me today.  Ever since I sprained my ankle last summer, I've been kind of lame on the box jumps. I used to be able to hop up and down on the box but I get winded now and I can feel myself lose my balance so I end up doing step-ups instead of jumping on the box.  Today, on the very first round, I started jumping on the box and on my 4th jump, my left leg slipped and scraped against the side of the box.  I have a nice scrape on my shin now where I banged it.  It looks exactly like a mountain biking injury and will go well with all my other scars from biking.  After that, the box became 10 feet tall and my legs refused to jump on it simultaneously (right leg is always more confident than left leg).  For the subsequent rounds, I managed to do 8-10 jumps interspersed with step-ups, it took much exaggerated knee bends and using my arms to get my body to agree to do a jump.  Overall, not my best WOD and definitely not a favorite WOD!  I'd grade it a B workout.  After the WOD was over, I did 10 pullups with a band but this time held the position at the top for 3 seconds, trying to grease the groove and get stronger for some real deadhang pullups.


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