Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Barefoot running

Tonight's workout in the Complete Runner program was running 100 meters barefoot on the grass and then walk 60 meters before doing another round.  I ended up doing 8 rounds, it felt so good to run barefoot on the soft grass! I would not run barefoot all the time, but once in a while, it's a good idea to run barefoot because you will self-correct your form and it will strengthen your feet.  I also finally figured out how to transfer my Garmin data to my computer and make a picture of my run in Google Earth:
Warm-up was around the rotunda parking lot and around the soccer field on the right. The multiple little squares on the left indicate that I did multiple laps- pretty neat!

The Garmin Training Center software is not that great, it doesn't let you export your routes or the data, it's just fun to look at (annoying for someone who likes to export data to excel and graph/monitor everything).  Until I figure it out, I had to just do a screen shot to show what the trends were for my heart rate and pace during the workout.  I was averaging 6-7 min/mile pace during the 100 meters and my heart rate got pretty high- 180 bpm, the odd thing was that I didn't feel uncomfortable during the sprinting or the 60M cooldown.  My heart rate did drop down farily quickly but the graph does tell the story that by the 7th and 8th round, my heart rate was not dropping as fast and I had probably pushed it to the limit and was not recovering as quickly. I think once a month this would be a good workout to do for both the barefoot work and to see what further conditioning will do to my pace and heart rate.


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