Monday, February 20, 2012

Back at Forged Fitness!

I have missed 8 workouts at Forged Fitness (10 if you count the new Saturday workouts).  I am not sure if there is a correlation but last week I noticed that I was extremely tired and sleepy by 3 pm, seriously, I felt like I could have put my head down and fallen asleep within seconds.  I didn't like it and I tried diet Coke to stave off the sleepiness but even that didn't help.  I think the short/high-intensity workouts at Forged Fitness give me the extra energy I need during a busy day so I'm hoping the sleepy feeling will be gone now.

Today's WOD:
Row 250M
9 dumbbell thrusters (I used 2x15 lb dumbbells, I'm easing into the lifting this week)
Row 500M
15 dumbbell thrusters
Row 1000M
21 dumbbell thrusters
Time: 11:55
A good and fairly easy workout to start off with.  My back didn't hurt but I did notice that it was still hard to stretch as far on my left side.  I'm going back to the chiropractor again on Tuesday and Thursday morning for more rehabilitation.  I'm really happy I'm back in the gym again, I missed it and it was not even hard to get up at 5:20 am this morning!


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