Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The WOD didn't beat me today

I looked at the board for yesterday's WOD and apparently it kicked everyone's ass except for a few outliers!  Today's WOD was tough but I did pretty good:
20 box jumps (20" box)
15 toes to bars (hang from the bar, with straight legs, get your toes to touch the bar)
10 cleans (75 lbs)
4 rounds for time
I finished in 15:58.
I was very happy that the cleans were "easy" to do today!  I still reverted to power cleans when when I was getting tired but my form was great and really, I think after another month, I should try upping the weight to 80 or 85 lbs (it will feel weird doing more than the Rx!).  Box jumps are tough, and I ended up splitting between jumping up and just stepping up because after a while I get tired and I know one day I am going to skin my shins because I will miscalculate the height I need to jump to get on the box.  So I tend to err on the side of caution.  My first round of toes to bar was perfect and then over each round, it degraded, the hardest part is just hanging there.  I ended up ripping some of my calluses on my palms (no bleeding though).  I bought a Pedi-pro to maintain my calluses but have yet to actually use it. So today I used it after the workout and it worked pretty well.   Hopefully I can maintain my hands without ripping them on the bar exercises. I should have gotten some video of the toes to bar and hopefully will have time tomorrow post it.


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