Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's my body fat composition?

I had my body fat measured using the caliper method with Chris Eschbach. I am currently at 135 lbs with 22.5% body fat.  According to Chris's scale, I'm in the "moderate" category for the healthy population.  To be "good" I need to be 14-19%.  To lose 25% body fat on the 90-day challenge, I need to get down to 16.8%!  We'll see if I can manage. 

After measuring my body fat, I stayed at the gym and did some snatch balances and overhead squats.  I managed to do 5 reps x 3 sets using 45 lb, 55 lb, and 60 lbs.  The 60 lbs was pretty tough, I think my shoulders were already tired from the morning workout.   I then did 2x1 mile tempo runs at a 9:20 pace and found that the "1 mile" we do near the gym is really 1.25 miles!  More tomorrow, have a good night.


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