Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend WODs

I was too tired to actually post what I did this past weekend until today.  I have declared today a rest day because I pushed myself pretty hard over the weekend:
Second training with the Complete Runner program, today was running 6 miles or 60 minutes at a comfortable pace (conversational) at Shelly Lake Sertoma park on the greenway starting at 7:30AM.  I did not feel like running at a conversational pace because I've noticed that this equates to just not trying very hard which equates to no improvement in my performance.  I don't plan on running a ton of miles so every run needs to count.  On Saturday, my goal was to run the 6 miles at a 10 min/mile pace (which was my 10K race pace in 2010).  And I accomplished that goal although by the end I was feeling the burn!  I also did not take any water which was a mistake, I was a little dehydrated even though it was 40F.   I'm not sure if it was the pace or just not getting any caffeine but I was spent for the rest of the day, I ended up watching the last episode of Spartacus Season 1 and taking it easy since I had the mountain bike race on Sunday. I slept a good 10 hours on Saturday night and felt much better on Sunday morning.
After an excellent breakfast of 2 eggs with onions/brocolli and a little chai, I started packing up for the race.  I filled up my 100 oz Camelbak with water and took 3 energy bars and 3 packets of Sport Jelly Beans (yes, sugar was ingested).  The race started at noon.  Around 11, I ate some of my ground chicken with blackeye peas and tomatoes and I had one diet Coke because I thought I needed the caffeine.  I got to the race starting area at the Governor's Creek MtB Trail in Sanford, NC.  Here is the official race map:

Storm's Endurance Mountain Bike Race

My # was 40 and it was just a sticker on my helmet:

While waiting for the race to start, I had an informal interview with Jim on my pre-race training plan.  You can view it here:
The race was started on the road with about a 1/2 mile to the trailhead.  Jim got some good video of the start of the race and then my start of the race:

The first section was all singletrack and about 6.5 miles, then it was back on the road for 30 miles (the map is lying!) and then a repeat of the trail again. 
I thought I got "lost" on the road and ended up doing a little more than 42 miles.  In the end I did 44.4 miles in 5 hr and 15 minutes (I think, I stopped my Garmin when I stopped to eat).  I ended up eating 2 Cliff peanut butter bars and 3 packs of the Sport Jelly beans (total calories = 700 calories).  Jim was very nice to supply me with a Nesquik Chocolate milk when I finished and that was probably 400 calories (I had both servings, 16 oz!).  My Garmin said I burned 2275 calories and my average heartrate was 141 bpm and my max was 178 bpm.  I had much time to think during the ride but was mostly thinking "should I quit" and this is hard and I suck at this and I wish I had done more riding before I did the race.  Still I was happy I did the race and am not sore today (Monday).  My new seat turned out to be very comfortable considering I hadn't been on the saddle in over 4 weeks.  Now I just need to ride (a lot) so that I can get faster and better for the next race (Feb. 25!). 


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