I got back to bench pressing today along with attempting some dips on the pullup-dip station.  I did the bench presses on the Smith machine (not as good as a free weight bar) so I did 3 sets of 10 using 70 lbs total. And just for fun, I managed to do 4 reps at 80 lbs and failed on the fifth rep!

The 30-day eating challenge has been going strong for the last 7 days.  I did not manage to reduce the diet coke consumption (still 1 20oz diet Coke everyday!).  I definitely wasn't always super healthy, popcorn at the movies, fries, but overall I think I did pretty well.  Here's what I have been eating:

1/2/2012oatmeal,  blueberries, chai2 mozarella cheese sticks, cashews, diet cokechicken thai salad and 1 cup black bean soup@Panerashrimp with zucchini and rice, diet coke
1/3/20122 eggs with 1/2 cup brocolli, chai2 mozarella sticks, roasted almonds, apple, diet coke2 salmon burgers (small), baked sweet potato fries, snow pea podschicken with leeks with soba noodles
1/4/2012oatmeal,  blueberries, chai1/2 cup OJ, 2 mozarella sticks, roasted almonds, apple, diet coke3/4 beef kabob with spinach/chickpeas Sashimi sushi and spicy tuna roll @Sono
1/5/20122 eggs with 1/2 cup brocolli, chai1/2 cup OJ, 2 mozarella sticks, roasted almonds, orange, diet coke3/4  beef kabob with spinach/chickpeas, 1 orange Lettuce wrapped burgers, steak fries @Red Robin
1/6/2012oatmeal,  blueberries, chai1/2 cup OJ, 2 mozarella sticks, roasted almonds, 2 oranges, diet coke1 and 1/2 beef kabob with 2 1/2 cups brocolli, 2 oranges1/2 cup rice, chicken tikka, tortilla chips with hummus
1/7/20121 egg with cheese,OJ2 mozarella sticks, diet coke, sugar-free gum, cashewsmahi mahi with brocolli and baked sweet potato fries shrimp fra diavolo, water, fagioli soup @Vic's Ristorante
1/8/20122 eggs with 1/2 cup brocolli and cheese, chai1 mozarella stick, diet coke, sugar-free gum, cashews1 banana, large popcorn, 8 oz whey protein shake with frozen strawberries/milkfra diavolo leftovers with mushrooms, water


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