Friday, January 20, 2012

Partner workout: fun with kettlebells

This morning's WOD was unsuspectingly hard:
With a partner:
Row 300M
Partner holds 2 kettlebells upright (stovepipe position) until you finish rowing
6 rounds for each person

Kettlebells: much harder than it looks
I alternated between holding 2x30 lb dumbbells or 2x26 lb kettlebells (3 rounds for each).  And the kettlebells were harder! My arms were shot by the end of the WOD.  The rowing was not so bad but when you have to stand their with the kettlebells in one position until your partner finishes the rowing, it feels like infinity by the fourth round. We finished in 22:15.
Biking: Going to try and going mountain biking this weekend as long as the rain holds out and my legs still work, I haven't been on the bike in over 2 weeks! 
Last night, I ran 3 miles at Umstead on the bridle trains but was feeling tired and only managed an 11:30 min/mile pace. I need to step it up!


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