Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Once again getting my ass kicked in a WOD

Today's WOD was tough for me, partly because I had to use a heavier weight for the slamball and partly because I tried to use a heavier weight for the power snatch and then had to drop down because I just was not believing that I could get the weight up above my head!
The WOD:
Run 400M
9 Power snatches (56 lbs barbell)
15 slamballs (30 lb ball instead of my usual 20lb ball because we had 7 women in class today, not enough 20s)
21 situps
4 rounds for time
I finished in 22:55.
I wanted to try 63 lbs for the power snatch since I remembered the last time I did it, it felt pretty easy at 56 lbs but in warming up and trying 63 lbs, the bar was just not willing to go over my head!  I have so much to work on with the overhead exercises and really, they are all related to one other.  The more I can put over my head, the easier pullups will be and presses.  Likewise, the more I bench press, the easier pushups and dips will be.  But today, I could not get 63 lbs overhead on the power snatch.  Here is a video of me doing 56 lbs 1 week ago when 1 or 2 snatches felt easy, however, 9 in a row is not so easy:

The snatch move is definitely something I need to work on if I want to go heavier and I do want to go heavier.  I've been getting stronger and want to see how much stronger I can get!  The slamball exercise, holding a 30 lb slamball above your head and slamming it down on the ground where it is supposed to bounce a little as you catch it in the squat position and repeat,  was pretty tough since this was the first time I did it with a 30lb ball instead of the usual 20 lb ball.  However, I did feel like it was going well and will graduate to the 30lb ball from now on in the WODs.


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