Arm Warmer (no shirt for this race!)
Fast runners start first!
Yesterday I ran the Little River Trail Run 10 mile race.  I did the race with 3 friends (Jim, Lisa and Barbara) and Lisa's husband Edward was nice enough to tag along and take some great photos.  I had not been running much (only 12 miles total since the first of January) and in December I ran a total of 20 miles but I have been weight lifting regularly and going to the gym regularly.  Knowing that, my goal was to finish in 2 hours time (12 min/mile pace) and I achieved that goal! I finished the race at 2 hours.  The first half of the race went pretty well, I was keeping up an 11:30 min/mile pace but my legs really felt every hill climb and every descent in the last 3 miles of the race and I slowed down. 

I also got hungry at mile 7.5 and ate half of my cashew cookie Larabar, first time trying a Larabar during a run but I was determined not to eat my Sport Jelly beans since they have sugar in them.  Eating the Larabar meant stopping and having people pass me but I was in need of some calories.  I ran almost the entire race with Lisa so I had company the whole time, however, there was little conversation going on since I was working hard to keep up the pace!
Hand carried the water bottle
Slow runners (me) start in the rear of the pack!
Race day was cold, starting out at 27°F and by the time we finished I think it was a balmy 36°F.  I had layered up wearing my long winter pants, wicking shirt, wicking light jacket and a fleece jacket with hat and thin layer gloves.  And because I am a wuss, I decided to keep on my fleece jacket which was a mistake, I was getting uncomfortably hot after 1.5 miles on the trail and by mile 3, I gave my jacket to a volunteer.  I felt so much better after getting rid of the fleece jacket and hat! The male winner finished the race in 1 hour 57 seconds!  I still find that amazing that any one can run that fast on such uneven terrain but I guess with enough practice, it's more than doable. 
Crossing the finish line: 10 miles done!
4 trail runners
Food: race day was a great day for good eats.  Check out the pictures to see my food diary for today.  Besides what's shown here, right after we finished the race, I partook in the post-race food offerings (half an orange, half a banana, half cup of chicken noodle soup).  Also had a pre-dinner snack, I made a whey protein smoothie with 1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries and 3/4 cup of milk- it was so thick I felt like I was eating soft-serve ice cream!  Today I feel fine, no soreness, no knee pain, no achilles tendon pain. I'm off to do a strength recovery workout and feel motivated to keep up the running. 
Chai,1 egg/brocolli, oatmeal/blueberries
Nachos and salsa at Torrero's pre-lunch eats
Lunch: Mariscos Mexicanos- Scallops@Torreros!!! I didn't eat the refried beans.

Dinner: Chicken Pietro @Biaggis (with portobella mushrooms)


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