Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fight Gone Bad Redux

This morning's workout was Fight Gone Bad!  The workout consists of three rounds with a one minute rest between rounds. The Rx for women: in each round you do 1 minute of wall balls (14 lb ball), a sumo deadlift high pull (55 lb kettlebell or barbell), box jumps, push press (55 lb barbell), and row for calories. Guys use 75 lbs instead of 55lbs. Each rep you do counts as a point and 1 calorie = 1 point. In the end it’s summed up and that is your score for everyone to see and for you to beat the next time. It’s called Fight Gone Bad because BJ Penn (MMA fighter) did the workout when they first created it and they asked him how he felt afterwards and he said “it felt like a fight gone bad!” It’s brutal and you have to push yourself mentally and physically.
So the WOD is a total of 17 minutes and I scored 266 (in September 2011 I scored 224!).
Here is a video of part of Fight Gone Bad from last September:

The Aftermath of Fight Gone Bad
I can't really remember what is happening during the actual workout because my heart rate was sky rocketing and I was delirious.  It's not a pretty picture and definitely an ass-kicker.  It's hard to imagine doing it for more than 3 rounds!


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