Thursday, January 12, 2012

An easy WOD

The WOD for today was not very interesting, which is maybe why I lagged behind today (#4)  :)
Russian twists (get in mid-situp position with feet off the ground and twist to each side holding a 20lb dumbbell)
Back lunges
Wall balls (16 lb ball!)
Ring rows (hold on to the rings, and raise yourself up straight (no knees bent, back straight)
Took me 12:24.
The Russian twists were new for me, and definitely are a great exercise for tightening up the abdominal muscles while working on the muscles used for balance around your core.  I will try to incorporate this exercise into my routine at home also.
I'm going to take tomorrow off so I have a rest day before our 10-mile trail run race.  There are going to be 550 runners out there at Little River!  I feel a little sorry for the trail now but the weather is supposed to be nice and hopefully we'll have a good time.


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