Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Choose your Rx WOD

I think I'm addicted to Forged Fitness workouts.  It's so satisfying to finish a WOD, I don't know if I'm finally getting those endorphins during exercise that everyone talks about or I just finally like to exercise but my day is already better at 7 AM because I did a WOD this morning.  And today's WOD was:
5 Front Squats (75 lbs)
10 elevated pushups (feet on a 20" box, execute a pushup)
15 box jumps (20" box)
5 rounds for time
I finished in 8:17, the box jumps were hard and I ended up sometimes just doing a step up instead of jump because I was getting tired and afraid I was going to skin my shins if I slipped on a jump.  Still, it was a great workout! There wasn't a prescribed weight for women but it probably is more than 75 lbs since it is so few reps, the tricky part is cleaning the weight to start the front squats.  I may have been able to do 85 lbs but I know that I don't squat deep enough to do that for five rounds with good form.


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