Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cardio-intensive WOD

This morning's WOD looked simple but turned out to be a heart accelerator:
Row 200M
15 Pushups
20 slamballs (20 lb ball)
5 rounds
I finished in 14:06
I tried doing regular pushups and managed well the first two rounds but then had to switch it up to knee-pushups because I felt like I was going to collapse trying a regular pushup!  And 100 slamballs wasn't going to happen with the 30lb ball, I really wish we had 25lb slamballs because 20lbs was getting too easy.

It was a good workout, tonight I'm going to start another running program at Capial Fitness, I did The Complete Runner program last year and despite my doubts, it really did help me!  I'm not so sure if it was the programming or just the fact that since I had to show up for 2 days a week and do whatever they told me, my running became more consistent and I did get faster on my long-distance (half-marathon) run.   Since I have not been that regular with my runs, I want to see what another 12 weeks of coached runs will do for me.  My budget for exercise is expanding this year but right now I feel like it is worth the money, hopefully I'll still believe that in May.


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