Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Back Squat WOD

Adam put us through some agility exercises before the workout and again I realize how far I have to go, my agility is fairly poor- hopping on one side of a line and quickly moving to the other side and back is actually hard to do for 30 seconds!
The WOD today:
10 Back squats (85 lb bar)
10 jump squats (jump as high as you can and land in the squat position)
10  one-arm dumbbell rows (25 lb dumbbell)
30 double-unders (or for me 90 singles jump-rope)
4 rounds 
I finished in 8:40.  It was short but good.  I tried to go below parallel on the back squats and 85 lbs was doable, I might have been able to do 95 lbs but I know that I tend to not go as deep in the squat when I have 95 lbs.
I finally got around to posting my toes-to-bar demonstration and how I do kettlebell swings.  I did realize after looking at the video that I definitely have a tendency to not squat if I can get away with it.  I was doing the kettlebell swings correctly but in order to go heavier, I need to squat more to push the kettlebell off.  Right now I can do 35lb kettlebell swings and the next one up is 44 lb (I wish we would get something in-between!).  If I move up to the 44lb kettlebell, my form needs to be excellent in order to not hurt my lower back.  The correct form for many of the exercises we do are all tied in together to having good form and depth on the squat and a neutral back, I just have to keep reminding myself of that when I workout. 


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