Two days post-10 mile trail run and I feel really good.  The recovery process from a hard run/bike ride has been much quicker and easier since I started doing crossfit workouts at Forged Fitness.  I don't have any painful soreness and I don't need to rest for several days after a race, albeit, I'm not a contender in any of the races I participate in but I do push it as hard as I can.  So today's workout was good, it was a mixture of 2 sets of exercises with decreasing and increasing reps:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of
bent-over rows 56 lb barbell
pushups (I did manly pushups today!)
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps of
back squats (56 lb barbell, clean and jerk the bar to get it up and on the back of my shoulders)
pullups (still need the green band to assist)
Finished in 16:00.

I'm going to get my body fat measured tomorrow night and decide if I want to do the gym's 90-day Body Composition Challenge (pony up $75 and if you lose 25% of your body fat, you get your money back, if you don't lose it, the $75 goes into the pot and the overall winner takes all).  I checked how I did last year ($50 ante):
Jan 2011 I weighed 142 lbs, 25.2% body fat, with 35.8 lbs of fat
July 2011 I weighed 131.8 lbs, 21.7% body fat with 28.6 lbs of fat

So I lost 7.2 lbs of fat in about 6 months and started with 35.8 lbs giving me a 20.1% body fat loss. Which basically means I did a good job but I didn't get my $50 back last year!  The question is whether I can really lose 25% of my body fat now (and we'll find out tomorrow but I am pretty sure I am still around 22%-23% body fat).  I have many more goals this year and am signing up for more races so I think I'll have the exercising part down but diet is the key here and the question is can I just not eat sugar, ice cream, and cut down on the simple carbohydrates.  I have found one great, great, great substitute for ice cream and that is taking a frozen banana and 1 cup of strawberries with some milk and blending it all together- this creates delicious soft-serve "ice cream".  Will I miss chocolate chunks and chocolate ice cream? Probably, but I think I'm going to take the gamble and see how I do this year.   

Homemade strawberry-banana soft-serve does the trick in satisfying my cravings for ice cream


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