I challenged my mom and sister to a 30 day eating challenge (started today), we all have a couple of pounds to lose (my mom probably has about 20 lbs she needs to lose, I have about 5 lbs and my sister 5-10 lbs (confirm?!).  For all three of us, and I think for most people, diet will play a significant role in whether we can lose the pounds and maintain the desired weight.  I know for myself, I will eat really healthy, portion-controlled meals but when I'm stressed out or just feel like I "deserve" it, I'll reach for a Snickers almond bar or Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge chunk ice cream.  Which would be okay if it was once in a while (maybe once a month?) but usually it's more like 2 pints of ice cream and 3 Snickers bars in a week.  And that kind of overdosing sets me back unless I'm running 10+ miles a week and biking 20+ miles.  In this last month, I have not been putting in that kind of mileage so my weight creeped up from 130 lbs to 135 lbs.  I know I can fairly easily get it down to 130 lbs if I ramp up the exercise but I would like to see if I can exhibit a little more self-control in the eating department so that I am overall healthier.  So hence, the big 2 nemeses for my family: bread and sugar.  We could eliminate other things also but I figure self-control has to start off slow and small and this allows us to eat potatoes (if we want) or rice and not go complete paleo (which I don't think I could do anyway). 

Major comfort food

How can you resist?
Yes, all sugars are excluded for the next 30 days!

The rules are simple: don't eat anything that has added sugar and no bread (this includes anything that requires a batter or dough!).  Artificial sweeteners are okay but this is the month to reduce usage.  I'll also be cutting down significantly on my diet coke consumption (I drink a 20 oz bottle every day!, my goal is to skip some days and eventually only drink it if I go to a restaurant with no good tasting water).


Neels513 said...

Confirmed - 5 lb min 10 lb max. The bread is no problem but avoiding candy is rough!

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