Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 New Year Goals!

Happy New Year! I don't come up with goals for the new year because I tend not to keep them but I think this year, I have some real goals that I want to achieve since I've gone obsessed over crossfit and mountain biking (some of my friends would say I'm more obsessed with the crossfit workouts but the truth is, when the weather is great, I'd rather go mountain biking every single night after work and spend all of Saturday on a long ride.  So my goals this year are:
Crossfit goals:
1. Master the double under rope jump (I bought my own speed rope to practice outside of the gym)
2. Do a single deadhang pullup (no assists!)

I've got a lot of work to do!

3. Do a handstand and hopefully a handstand pushup
4. By May 2012, only do manly (no knees!) pushups in all the WODs
Mountain biking goals:
1. Keep up with the boys on the rides (I will need some serious metabolic conditioning to get this done)
2. Try a jump while my bike warranty is still good
3. Get over 8" logs
4. Bunny hop
5. Improve my front and rear wheel lifts
6. To not suck wind on long rides (30+ miles of double/singletrack)
7. Finish ORAMM
8. Mtn biking friends will let me know whatever I else I suck at and need to improve on so this list is probably longer than what I can think of on my own
Running goals:
1. Get my 1 mile time down to 8:00
2. Run a 5K in 27:00 or less
3. Run a marathon in under 4 hours (stretch goal)
So those are my goals, I aim to reach them or suffer trying.  I have some other more frivolous goals too:
The Me-Me-Me Goals
1. Get some definition in my abs (going to require a tighter control of diet)
2. Learn to play the bass guitar and hopefully get semi-decent to jam with others

Good luck on your goals for 2012!


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