Sunday, December 25, 2011

Trail Running at Umstead

My running buddy Lisa and I on Company Mill.
My Christmas present to myself was a trail run at Umstead State Park.  We did 5.5 miles of the Company Mill Trail which is hilly, rooty and rocky! Fun stuff.  I practiced POSE running and trying to be light on my feet so the obstacles wouldn't hurt in my Merrell Pace glove shoes. I still have some pain in my right Achilles tendon, I'm trying to figure out what is causing the problem.  It might be that switching over to barefoot running shoes leads to using muscles previously unused and starting out too fast with too much mileage.  To address the problem, I plan to slowly increase the mileage in these shoes and will probably have to go back wearing my traditional North Face trail running shoes intermittently to prevent any further stress on my Achilles tendon.  I suspect that I just need time to allow my Achilles tendon to stretch out now that there isn't a raised heel in my shoe.


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