Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trail running at Umstead State Park

Sycamore trail runs by a creek

Enjoying the view
I did a "long" run (long for me) in Umstead. We decided to do the Sycamore trail which is about 7 miles long, the terrain varies from nice flat pine needle covered trails to rooty, rocky obstacle course trails. It's a challenge but such a beautiful trail to run along since for a good part of it you run by a creek (I like hearing the water and having the water view).  I thought that 3 hours would be enough time to recover from my 6AM Crossfit workout but I didn't have much power left in my legs, plus I could feel my right Achilles tendon getting tight and uncomfortable. So I took it extremely easy to make sure I could actually finish all 7 miles, which I did at the outstanding pace of 14 min/mile!  It's slow, but the terrain was hilly and challenging and I was not going to push it when I have a race coming up on January 10th.  I'm glad we did the run (with Lisa & Jim) but I need to work on my recovery times. According to Crossfit Endurance, three hours should be enough time in between a crossfit WOD and a run but perhaps I am one of those people who needs like six hours! 


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