Friday, December 30, 2011

Strength and Ab workout

No Forged Fitness this morning as I am in Maryland for the long weekend.  I got to use a cheap weight bench in my parents' basement to do bench presses.  I'm more motivated now to do bench presses because there is a 5K race on 2/11/12 (Run for the Roses in Raleigh) that includes a "Pump 'N Run" option  in which women will be required to bench press 50% of their weight and men will press 100% of their weight. For each press, 30 seconds will be subtracted from one’s 5K time. Awards will be presented to the three males and three females with the lowest net times, I don't think I am real contender but I like the idea and want to give it a shot.  For me, this would mean bench pressing 65-67 lbs depending on my weight the day of the race!  So tonight I did 66 lbs (I weighed the bar with plates using a scale), I was aiming for 3 rounds of 10 reps but my mom forgot to hit the record button on my last round so I ended up doing 4 rounds of 10 reps in order to get a video of the bench pressing.  I also did 10 air squats in between each round and 100 situps using the Abmat.  It was hard getting the last rep in for each round of bench presses so I need to work on this if I am going to bench press at 65 lbs for 20+ reps pre-5K race!
One thing on the bench press: every time I extended up, I pretended like I was pulling the bar apart at the top, this really helped to keep the bar level and not let it go lopsided when the weight started to feel heavy.


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