Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Run-step up-pushup WOD

This morning's workout consisted of:
800M run
25 step-ups with a 45lb bar on your shoulders behind your neck (20" box)
20 good mornings (same 45lb bar, same position and bow parallel to the ground)
25 plyo-pushups (place a slamball in the center, do a pushup with hand on the ball, and push off with your hands to do a pushup on the other side, repeat)
3 rounds for time
I finished in 22:02. There were 8 people in the class today! I came in 2nd and probably could have beaten Matt for first place today but I was not up to going hard on the run.  It seems like if I go very hard on the run, the next exercise is a big challenge and I end up losing time because my pace slows down considerably.  I decided also not to go hard because I plan to run 7 miles later today. The step-ups were a challenge and on the last round, my right knee started to hurt during the step ups, so I did the last 6 reps starting from my left leg.  I'm icing my knee now since I can feel it ache.


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