Thursday, December 22, 2011

Run Loblolly Trail Umstead Park

I got off of work early today and was able to go for a run in Umstead State Park. Since I hadn't been running much, I chose to do what I consider is the easiest loop - Loblolly to Reedy Creek and loop back up the Reedy Creek Lake Trail.  The run started off at the Reedy Creek entrance parking lot.  I set my Garmin conservatively to 4 miles in 48 minutes.  I kept a good pace the first mile but my back started hurting (I think from the deadlifts earlier this morning), so I had to walk a bit and then start jogging again.  I ended up finishing in 49 minutes, but it felt great. It started raining a bit halfway through the run but it wasn't bad.  On the weekend, I hope to do Company Mill ( a harder 6 mile loop). Umstead is great for trail running.


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