Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Run and Clean WOD

It was a great WOD this morning: Run 1 mile and then do 30 Cleans.  The Rx for women was 115 lbs but since I can't even do a good front squat at 100 lbs, this was not going to happen.  I chose to do 75 lbs since I figured out last week how to clean properly.  The 1 mile run was in the neighborhood up a big hill and back down to Forged Fitness.  I did my best to run hard but my time was 11:36!!! I think the route they have us do is more than 1 mile and I plan to come back later this week and measure it with my Garmin.  If it really is 1 mile, then I need to step it up in the running category.  After the mile run, I started on my cleans.  Mike G told me that after I finish a clean, I should just drop the bar in a controlled manner instead of gingerly putting it down.  Once I got the hang of this, I had more energy and was able to do more cleans in sequence.  My total time ended up being 18:52. Doni was nice enough to take some video of me doing two cleans after the WOD was over.  I realized watching it, I didn't do a full clean (getting all the way into a front squat upon receiving the bar) so next time, I think I need to try a slightly heavier weight or at least remind myself during the move to fully squat.  This is mainly to work on form and to be prepared when I do try heavier weights and have to do a full squat to get the weight up.  


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