Monday, December 19, 2011

The Row/Thruster WOD and front squats

It was 31°F this morning and the WOD was supposed to be 7 rounds 100M sprints and 10 thrusters. Since it was so cold, Jason and Mike G relented and let us do 100M rows but we would have to do 10 rounds instead of 7, this seemed more palatable than running outside at that time.  The thruster Rx was 95 lbs for men and 65 lbs for women.  I decided to try 67 lbs (45 lb bar, 11 lb plates) since I had done 75 lbs front squats and 67 lb push presses last week.  A thruster is a combination move of a front squat into a push press.  I did not calculate the effort it would take to do 67 lb thrusters 10 times for 10 rounds!  By the third round, I was struggling to finish the thrusters and decided to drop the weight. I took off the plates and did 45 lb thrusters for round 4 and 5.  I upped the weight on round 6 to 56 lbs for the thrusters (hard but doable).  Mike G took pity on us and let us finish with 9 rounds instead of 10.  Next time, I'm running sprints in the cold, doing the extra rounds was hard. There was no timing on this workout, we all started rowing at the same time with a small break in between rounds. After the WOD was over, there was an "extra" workout of front squats 3-3-3-3-3 (3 reps/5 rounds).  I was the only one stayed to do front squats.  I tried to concentrate on doing a full squat and found that as the weight got heavier, I got more afraid to squat fully.  I ended up doing: 75-85-95-95-105.  My 105 lbs front squat wasn't that great, as I was starting to lean too far forward as I squatted. I tried 100 lbs and it was a little better but I knew I wasn't squatting deep enough. I went back to 95 lbs with good form. I probably need to do some extra sets at 95 lbs and get used to the feeling of where you end up in the squat position (it's not fully bottomed out) and using my hips with my elbows up to stand.  Still a great way to start the day!


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