Sunday, December 18, 2011

A quick mountain bike ride

The teeter totter that is no longer

Badass (aka not me!) teeter tottering

I bought a full-suspension bike earlier this year and it has been a lot of fun riding a full-squish bike.  I'm more willing to try new things (logs, rock gardens, skinnies, etc) on this bike than I was on my old hardtail. Possibly because I now have disc brakes and 6" travel on the front fork.  I definitely don't take full advantage of my bike so there is room to grow (how can you have a 6" travel fork and not try to do some jumps?).  All in due time.  Today was a lazy day and I went on a short ride near my home.  The goal was to try the teeter totter today however when we got to the area, the teeter totter was gone! I'm not sure why they took it down but it looks like I'll have to look for another teeter totter elsewhere and hopefully get the nerve to try it :).  We ended up doing 4.75 miles in 51 minutes (hilly).  I finally can do the skinny and am getting over more logs now.  One bad thing- I haven't ridden since last Sunday and it was obvious- the minute you stop riding, you lose stamina! I might have to break out the trainer if I keep wussing out of riding when it is cold or too dark!


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