Monday, December 26, 2011

Mountain biking at Harris Lake

Okay, so even though my right knee has been hurting from biking, I thought I would try riding at Harris Lake State Park (New Hill, NC) with Jim and John to assess the adjustments the Bicycle Chain guy gave my bike.  We ended up doing about 9.8 miles of fairly easy trails in 75 minutes. I didn't push it very hard, my knee tingled a little bit but there was no excruciating pain so I kept at it.  I decided that from now on, I'd be wearing knee pads on most rides because I have managed to fall on my right knee consistently which probably doesn't help the healing process.  Jim tried hucking off the big rock, I tried doing the dirt jump but I remembered how badly I fell this past summer so I ended up getting no air.  I did do some of the double black diamond drops and surprised John by going down a steep downhill with no issues.  All in all, it was a good ride and I had fun. I can't say it was a "workout" since I didn't push it very hard but it was pretty neat how easy it felt to do most things on the trail now, a huge difference from 2010.


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