Friday, December 23, 2011

MetCon WOD

I wasn't sure if I would be up for today's WOD since I took such a beating in yesterday's WOD.  But it turned out to be the perfect Friday workout.  The goal was to continously move from each exercise to achieve efficient metabolic conditioning:
Run 400M
30 box jumps (20" box, I was feeling off balance so I ended up doing 15 jumps, 15 step-ups).
40 situps
50 wallballs (14 lb ball)
50 lunges with a 25 lb plate held overhead
40 pushups
30 kettlebell swings (35 lbs)
Row 500M
Time: 16:28
I feel pretty good and will be going to the extra Saturday workout special: 12 days of Christmas!


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