Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jumping is fun.

Last night was the Forged Fitness Xmas party at Fubar. It was disconcerting seeing people in nice clothes with their hair down, it took a couple of minutes before I recognized them!  I didn't stay late since I still planned on going to the 6 am class.  The warmup today was jump rope for 2 minutes and 20 slamballs.  I'm so excited about jump roping now because I think I have gotten the hang of a double under.  Today I managed to link 3 double unders in a row before tripping up on the rope, progress is a wonderful thing!  This morning's WOD was interesting.  Jason set up a rope between two racks, the height was maybe 18-20" off the ground on one end and about 24" off the other end.  This was for the over-under exercise, where you do a lateral hop over the rope, drop down into a pushup and slide or roll under the rope, and repeat.  The WOD: 4 rounds of 10 over-unders, 10 bent-over rows (67 lb barbell), 10 weighted situps (15 lb dumbbell), 10 lunges (25 lb plate overhead, 10 lunges each leg so really 20 lunges).  For the weighted situp, the dumbbell is always held upright and your arms stay in the same position throughout the situp.  It took me 13:30 minutes to finish.  The bent-over rows were pretty hard at 67 lbs but I'm glad I stuck with this weight.  I think he's going to modify it to 5 rounds for the afternoon classes since it was a bit easy- my grade for this WOD is a B (yesterday's WOD was an A+!).
I was a bit leery about doing the lateral hop over the rope but I realized that my jumping height has gotten pretty good and for 10 explosive jumps, I still had my balance and could power through them (if you go fast enough and are not used to the jumping, you can sometimes miscalculate and get caught in the rope, which can be scary because it could mean twisting your ankle). 


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