Friday, December 16, 2011

A good power clean makes the WOD easier

6 AM class today with Jason as our trainer and a total of 8 people today! That's a big number for a Friday workout, usually it is just 2 people on a Friday.  I love it when Jason is overseeing a class, he will make you work harder, communicate the correct form to use and just make you more effective! I've never worked with a coach before but working with Jason has been amazing.  He is by far the best coach at the gym (I guess he should be since he is the owner!) and one of the main reasons I ended up joining Forged Fitness.   And the other thing about having Jason as the trainer is that we tend to do more complicated/new warmups, today was no different. Our warmup consisted of 25 standing situps and 15 burpees. A standing situp requires a partner who sits on your feet and with straight arms grabs the back of calves. As you go up into a situp, the partner leans back with straight arms and helps you stand up while still holding onto the back of your calves, repeat.  This was tough both as the partner and the person doing the situp!  After doing this warmup, I felt like I had already exercised enough but the WOD was still waiting for us.
Today's WOD was: 8 front squats (75 lbs), 15 ring dips (I used a band to assist me on the dips) and 400M run for four rounds.  In order to do the front squat, you have to power clean or clean the weight up first.  My cleans are not pretty and of course Jason pointed out that I was leaning back trying to get the weight up.  I did better on the last 3 rounds and ended up finishing the WOD in 12:42 minutes.  After the WOD was over, I rested a few minutes and asked Jason to watch me do a clean.  He had me position myself with my feet about hip-width apart - first thing I noticed was that previously I was positioning my feet shoulder-width apart and bringing my feet in with toes pointed out was something I was not doing before.  After positioning my feet correctly, I leaned down with bent knees but not squatting and powered the bar up with my hips and as it was coming up, I dipped and caught the bar correctly.  Just positioning myself right allowed my feet to land in the right position to start the front squats!  It was amazing, and I did it 3 more times perfectly.  I know how to clean properly now!  For the front squats, 75 lbs was challenging but doable.  Jason still wanted me to squat deeper so I will continue to work on that. Great start to my day!


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