Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Front Squat/Push Press WOD

Today's Forged Fitness workout consisted of:
5 Front Squats 75 lbs
5 Push presses 75 lbs
150 jump ropes (singles)
20 situps (using an Abmat)
5 rounds for time
I finished in 14:24. In order to do the weights, we had to power clean/clean the weight up instead of using the rack to start lifting. I probably could do 85 lbs on the front squat but I wanted to keep the same weight for both lifts to cycle through it. Also, I realized that after awhile, I wasn't squatting deep enough in my front squats so this is something I'm going to have to remind myself to do every time I squat with weight. The first 3 rounds went pretty well but the fourth and fifth round were tough on the push presses. I struggled to get five push presses without any breaks in between. In the last round, I had to put the bar down, rest for 15-20 seconds and then get my last 2 push presses in. Karen was nice enough to take video of me doing the clean to get the bar up, executing a front squat and then a push press. Jim was nice enough to make a slow-mo version of the second take of the exercise! Karen recorded me a second time where I don't hit the rings above me, this time in slow motion:


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