Every workout at Forged Fitness starts with some dynamic stretches- movements you repeat at least 6 times, holding the position for a few seconds. For today's 6AM class, we did the great stretch, quad stretch, knee hugs, and leg overs.  Mike G let us pick the warmup exercise, I called out jump rope so we jump-roped for 2 minutes while also practicing our double unders.  Double unders are still something I'm not even sure I can do. You have to basically swing the rope fast enough so that it passes under you twice while you are jumping once.  My brain doesn't get that the speed you need in the wrists is not the same speed you need to jump.  Sometimes I end up doing two jumps to one rope under and that is not what you are supposed to do.  I have improved over the last year and can now start off doing singles, get one double under in and then back to singles.  Next goal is to string the double unders in a row.  My biggest problem so far is that I either get tired of the wrist action required to speed up the rope or I just quit because I stopped breathing while trying to do the double unders!

The entire warmup and stretching lasts about 5-8 minutes and then we start on the WOD.  Today's WOD was: Kettle bell swings (35 lbs), wall balls (14 lbs), pushups and run for 800 meters. It was 3 rounds with a progression of reps going from 21 to 15 to 9 reps on the last round.  I was fairly warmed up after the first set of kettle bell swings, wall balls and pushups, so the 800M run in 32°F weather was not so bad (I wore a short sleeve wicking shirt and shorts with my merrel pace glove shoes with socks).  I finished the WOD in 17:59 minutes and since it was so cold, I barely had any sweat on me.  It was another good workout at FF, now I'm at home warming my throat up with some chai.  The pictures here are me doing wall balls (squat with the ball and aim for the wall, catch it above shoulder and repeat, killer metabolic conditioning).


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