Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crossfit WOD 21-15- and part of 9

Today's WOD was not finished - I had to do 3 rounds of manmakers, knees to elbows and back squats. The reps decreased each round: 21, 15, 9 with a maximum time of 20 minutes. The joke was that if you finished these 3 rounds under 20, you had to go back and keep doing rounds with 9 reps of each exercise. Sound doable? Maybe for someone faster and stronger but it was not to be my day. For the manmakers, I started off with 20lb dumbbells: 1 rep consisted of a pushup, bent over row, clean, push press and lunge on each leg. Try doing 21 of these with 2x20lb dumbbells! It's hard and takes time. The knees to elbows wasn't so bad, hang on a bar and lift your legs up until your knees touch your elbows, repeat. six months ago I could only get my knees to a sitting position but now I can do the movement and have learned to use my hips instead of my core to really get my knees to my elbows. One thing that annoys the owner of our gym is when people do knees to armpits, so if you try this at home, don't aim for your pits! For the back squats, I used 67lbs which was very doable, I probably could have gone a little higher but as it was, the manmakers were killing me. Starting on the second round, 15 reps of manmakers seemed impossible and after 3 reps, i had to drop down the weight, I moved all the way down to 2x10lb dumbbells because there were no 15s left. This made the manmakers easier but by this time my arms were feeling heavy and I was starting to sweat buckets. Sweaty hands are not your friend when you are trying to push dumbbells above your head. I finished the round of manmakers and moved on to the knees to elbows and back squats. 15 reps for each was easy compared to the endless time it took to execute the manmakers. I ended up not completing the round of 9, I only got in 8 manmakers when I hit the 20 minute mark. I was trying to talk myself into just finishing the last round, damn the time, but those last manmakers did me in. I was glad when I heard "time's up!".


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