Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Changes in 2011

In November 2010, I joined Forged Fitness because I had a groupon deal and decided I liked the mix of high-intensity workouts with strength-training. In January 2011, we did a body-fat measurement at the gym and I came in at 142 lbs with 25.2% bodyfat. I'm almost 5'6" and according to the charts, this put me in the "moderate" category, I needed to lose 1% to be in the "good" category for weight and at least 6% to be in the "excellent" category for women. I was going to Forged Fitness 3-5 times a week and was running also in my spare time on the weekdays/weekends. The running wasn't really programmed, I just tried to aim for 10-15 miles/week and never tried to really push myself because every time I tried running faster, my right knee would throb in pain for days afterward. Because it was January, I wasn't doing much mountain biking either. As the months went by, I upped the mountain biking and the running started tapering off but I was still going to Forged Fitness regularly. It was to the point that I hated missing a 6 am workout at FF! Most workouts left me feeling like I got my ass kicked but I loved it and I was getting stronger. Come July 2011, I decided to get my VO2 max and lactate threshold measured and at the same time, they measured my body fat %. This was done at the Human Performance Lab with Chris Eschbach (he knew his stuff). This time, my % body fat was 21.7% and I weighed 131.8 lbs - a huge difference from January! My VO2 max was 44.3 and my lactate threshold heart rate was 162 bpm on the bike, and power at my LT was 175 Watts. I was operating at 88.9% of my VO2 max at my LT. I don't really understand what all the numbers mean but my goal in the coming year is to understand if any of these numbers really change how I perform or whether I can improve my performance. I do know that reducing my % body fat has been a great accomplishment! I look better and feel better, I still want to get down to < 19% and I think I'm on my way. Biggest obstacles are my eating habits. I eat fairly healthy meals but I fall off the wagon when it comes to snacks, I love ice cream! Some of this is changing and I'll be posting about what I eat both on a regular basis and for performance.


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